La Vuelta, 2019

Afiche Poster La Vuelta


Independent short film

When Mariana arrives to her childhood best friend’s birthday, it’s been 20 years she hasn’t seen her. The party, the cumbia music, the dancing and the pink lighting help remembering some memories from the past and rebuilding the models of love.


With Lucía Deca, Denise Etchichury, Francisco Bertin, Fabio Rosenstein, Christian Chapi & Lise Nottoli.

Direction: Julia Beyer Agostini
Production: Denise Etchichury
Second unit director: Lucía Porcel
Casting: Javier de Pietro (La Cucha Casting)
Production Assistant: Daiana Yacuzzi

Writer: Denise Etchichury
Photography: Totino Rios
Gaffer: Hernan Briñon
Camera: Claudia Valdivia
Camara crew: Rodriguo Valenzuela, Hugo Duarte
Sound: Nicolás Bagnulo
Sound crew: Sabrina Mazzochi
Art direction: Claudia Valdivia
Art crew: Sebastian Gordon, Tobias Ciro Gross
Editing: Pat Perez
Sound editing: Hernan Perez, Daniel Gutierrez Stewart, Nicolás Bagnulo
Color: Pat Perez

La Vuelta short film 1
La Vuelta short film 2
La Vuelta short film 3
La Vuelta short film 4